Monday, 19 January 2009

head up my bum again

I can see this title making a regular appearance lol

Have been so slack again, not remembering to take photos of the stuff I've made - shall blame it on the fact of having issues with an online purchase. Making 5 calls a day to get a refund is not my idea of fun - especially when every time they put you on hold they cut you off AARRGGH. Anyway all sorted now so can stop spitting blood and swearing at the phone and try and get my head in gear and enter those challenges, remembering to take pics of the damn things before giving them away to everyone who turns up asking if I have a card for so-and-so.

On the plus side, Ebay are giving me a £20 voucher to offset a negative experience I had earlier ( I spend sooo much money on there it's really within their interests to keep me happy - lol) so will have a little broswe through the craft section.
I think my hobby is turning into buying card making stuff rather than card making now. My little green monster rears it's ugly head every time I hear of people having a dedicated craft room. I so want one - might have to sell one of the kids and nick their room.........

Hello Debra, wow a follower I feel all proper now and rendered almost speechless, which doesnt happen too often lol. It's really nice of you to join me and I hope i wont disappoint you too much hun

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